Monday, 16 February 2009

The Sons Of Robin Stone - Got To Get You Back - 1974 - Atlantic

One of my all-time cherished 70s records, "Got To Get You Back" is an ace single, released in the UK on Atlantic in 1974. This blue-eyed soul group were fronted by lead singer, Jimmy Phillips, and he is an archetypal strong, Philly singer of the highest quality. The production of this great gem is by our old friend, and still very much in action, ally Bobby Eli. Bobby manages to create a great Thom Bell / Spinners vibe on this dancefloor stomper, complete with Philly orchestration as soulful and momentous as it comes. This group appeared briefly: once more for Epic with the rare "Let's Do It Now" and much later on the unissued re-issue (you know what I mean!) single for Goniff Records, "I'm Ready To Give Up My Love". These guys deserved a much bigger place in soul music and why they never made more music is, frankly, beyond my ken.

The flipside is equally delicious, this time a fully orchestrated ballad worthy of Thom Bell. "Love Is Just Around The Corner" would have been a worthy cut for the likes of Blue Magic, The Spinners or even Little Anthony and The Imperials. If you cannot get enough of the sound of Philadelphia then this song is for you. The A side, I believe, issued on Kent's mighty fine "So Soulful 70s" so is worth hunting down for that. You will see a number of 7" releases highlighted here as many 70s and 80s b-sides were NOT available on albums and were as essential as anything you could ever wish to hear. Keep 'em peeled!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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