Monday, 9 February 2009

Gino Vannelli - Brother To Brother - 1978 - A+M

Outstanding is the only word I can use about this album. Released in 1978, Gino Vanelli serves up an ultra soulful album with enough nods to the jazz-funk community and those with any quality running through their blood will know how great this album is. I would recommend buying the album purely for the 7" single release, "I Just Wanna Stop". This is one of the classiest tracks from the era and I cannot help but well up every time I hear it - a beautifully arranged song crammed with warm synth, Fender Rhodes and exudes reminiscences of hot summers past. The sax break in the middle courtesy of Ernie Watts is superb. However, this is NOT the sole gem on here and I implore you to check the album for these gems. I know a certain Dave Lee aka Joey Negro is a fan of this album as he sampled the superb Carlos Rios guitar section and Victor Feldman's vibes from "Feel Like Flying" for his own, superb" "Fly Away" cut from the Sunburst Band "Until The End Of Time" CD. Crafty, Dave but you can't fool me!!! Lol.

This track, sampling aside, is simply knockout. The vibes and guitar are to die for and Gino's soulful vocals, and backing from The Waters and Julia Tilman are perfection itself. Lovers of an uptempo Jazz Fusion flavour a la Lee Ritenour in his Captain Fingers guise will simply lap up the wonderfully energetic "Brother To Brother". This is just blinding and no music released today can surpass quality tracks such as this. Thank God the set is still available to track down on CD! MY final choice is an epic cut. "People I Belong To" is a powerful cut and musically the vibes are so strong that it could be a highlight on any Roy Ayers Ubiquity album. The song, about Gino's family is very moving and heartfelt and as a result Gino really pours his heart and soul into the words, and brother Joe Vannelli adds the personal touch on synth. Oh, what a wonderful track - and what a wonderful album. This is quality, quality, quality.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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