Thursday, 19 February 2009

Dee Dee Sharp - Happy Bout The Whole Thing - 1975 - Philadelphia International

More Philadelphia magic from 1975. I was overjoyed when this was released on CD back in the 90s, and to see it deleted so soon and become rare was so sad. thankfully Amazon have the album available as an MP3 download. It's weird and wonderful what crops up these days isn't it?!The album is my favourite of Dee Dee's and the sheer beauty, finesse and timelessness of the arrangements, instrumentation, production everything in fact, will not be lost on you. The man to mainly thank here is the legendary Bobby Martin (please also check out his NEW album and in particular the Tom Moulton mix of "Funky Train"!!!) along with Gamble and Huff. This set is a real must and the change to click and download is a real boon. If you don't get swayed by the Billy Paul-ish groove of "Love Buddies" then I suggest a lie down, a few mouthfuls of soul food and some serious counselling from Mille Jackson!

A mighty fine midtempo groove with strings, organ and a brilliant rhythm section will greet you on "Touch My Life" - a blinder of a track, and I think you will also be amazed at the brilliant version of 10 CC's "I'm Not In Love". A very strong version and although it cannot better the original, it certainly compliments it. Her version of "Ooh Child" is magnificent and paves the way for the AWESOME Philly stomper "Happy Bout The Whole Thing". This really is Philly, PA at it's swirling '70s best. Norman Harris, Don Renaldo and the Sweethearts at the top of their game. The brassy "Share My Love" really is prototype Disco - but much better - and the classy "The Best Thing You Did For Me" draws down the curtain on this wonderful 1975 album. It's a pity that apart from hunting down the LP on MusicStack that you can only get this as a Download. However, this is the future so...get used to it, folks! Quality Soul is quality soul, whatever format it's on.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe